Who are iSee VC Pty Limited?

Traditional video conferencing has been a big step forward in distance communication but just doesn't cut it for building relationships, driving innovation and delivering complex communication scenarios. Flipped classrooms, meetups, peer learning workshops, team teaching and innovation spaces are driven by physical spaces where communication happens in parallel between lots of participants. This is something that traditional video conferencing just can't deliver.

iSee is at the forefront of 'spatial video' - the next evolution of video communication that combines the authenticity of live video with the functionality of 3D virtual worlds. This allows participants to move around and have natural conversations with others just like in the real world.

iSee VC Pty Limited had its origins in the Smart Services Cooperative Research Centre which was jointly funded by industry and the Australian Federal Government. The Smart Services CRC was tasked with developing new and innovative technologies for the global services sector. A key focus was improving the ability for people to collaborate, learn, create and develop trusted networks across the world. 

As part of the CRC the research group developed a range of new ways to use positional information in 3D games to control the distribution and quality of video streams. This became the basis of a new scalable Augmented Virtuality technology or 'spatial video' that brings advances in multiplayer game tech to the world of productivity and collaboration.

In 2014 iSee VC Pty Limited was created to bring the ground breaking technology developed in the Smart Services CRC to the world. iSee VC Pty Limited owns all of the intellectual property developed by the CRC for spatial video and is focused on the task of bringing the next generation of real time collaboration products to the enterprise customers.   


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