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Audio hardware options

Types of consumer headsets

Mobile phone headset with 4 pole 3.5mm jack

Headset with separate 2 pole 3.5mm microphone and earphone jacks

Headset with USB-type A connector

iSee will automatically use the default audio devices connected or built in to you computer. While it is possible to use your computer's speakers and array microphone with iSee, there are large benefits in the quality of the audio experience when using a headset. Using a headset gives you:

  • Better noise cancellation of feedback from sounds in iSee

  • Better dampening of background noise

  • Better directional sound in iSee

There are a number of different headsets that are commonly available in retail stores and all of them are compatible with iSee if they are compatible with your computer. It is best if they just use standard hardware drivers and don't use any audio enhancement software as some audio enhancement software can interact with the Unity 3D game engine that underpins iSee.

Most headsets will come with either a single 4pole 3.5mm jack; separate 2pole 3.5mm microphone and earphone jacks or a USB-type A connector. The recent introduction of USB-type C connectors on phones and laptops also means that a number of USB-type C headsets are also entering the consumer market. All of these headsets will work with iSee provided they can connect to your computer.

Which headset is best?

If you already have a mobile phone headset and your computer/laptop has a single 3.5mm socket then just use that. The comfort, sound quality and background cancellation of the microphone on mobile phone headsets is typically superior to lower end computer headsets.  Use of a mobile phone headset will greatly improve your iSee audio experience.

Individual comfort and cost is a key criterion for most people. Headsets come as 'in ear', 'on ear' or 'over ear' configurations and all will work with iSee. Choose the ones that fit your budget and individual comfort. Note that if your high end headset comes with specific drivers or audio enhancements these may need to be switched off to work effectively with iSee.

Can I connect several headsets to the same computer

iSee can only accept one audio input/output - but you can connect several headsets to the one audio socket using a low cost audio splitter if using a 3.5mm audio jack. These are available in retail electronics stores and allow 2-5 people to connect to the one computer/mobile phone audio socket.

3.5mm 4-Pole splitter

3.5mm 2-Pole splitter