iSee Windows client download

Download and install the version that will connect to your organisation.

Unless your organisation is specifically listed elsewhere, use the iSee2020 client.

  • TAFE Digital

  • Adult Migrant English Program AMEP

  • NSW State Schools

  • Country Education Partnership

  • Qld State Schools

  • Qld State School Guests

  • Malardalen University

  • NT Schools

  • UoN iLead Program

  • iSee Demonstrations

  • All other users

To start the installation simply open the installer file once it has finished downloading.

Installation help

iSee is a trusted developer for Microsoft platforms and all versions of the iSee client are digitally signed for your protection. Because the installation is not directly from the microsoft store, windows may prompt you with an additional notification message that your installation has been prevented by Windows Defender - see below.

To proceed simply click on the "More info" link and then click the "Run anyway" button when it appears.

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