Making Virtual Collaboration Great.

If you can't meet face to face then iSee is the next best thing. It lets you mingle with others, talk, work and socialise as if you were together in the real world.


Use iSee to create supportive social spaces that bring your virtual conferences, teams and classes to life.

​ Live Virtual Classrooms

  • Virtual assemblies

  • Virtual playgrounds

  • Team teaching and peer learning spaces

  • Real-time relationship building

  • Flipped classrooms  

  • Virtual excursions

  • Custom learning environments

  • Low bandwidth performance

Engaging Virtual Conferences​

  • Immersive webinars

  • Virtual online events

  • Networking and trade shows

  • Meetups and workshops

  • Exhibitions and galleries

  • Virtual poster sessions

  • Breakout zones

  • Virtual panel sessions

  • Custom conference spaces

 Supportive Virtual Office 

  • Virtual teams

  • Networking and team building spaces

  • Virtual tea room chats

  • Workplace training rooms

  • Working from home

  • Team innovation spaces

  • Custom workplace environments


Next gen 'spatial video' enables fully functional virtual flipped classrooms, meetups and custom virtual infrastructure


iSee spatial video eliminates the distance divide to allow teams, networks and relationships to develop naturally


Built to grow your student base, iSee delivers improved student engagement on low bandwidth networks

Spatial video - the secret to relationship building and working in teams

Be they family, firends or colleagues, trusted teams are the secret to the human success story. We invest in others so that together we can create ideas and things that are bigger than ourselves, while drawing comfort and strength in times of need.


Supporting the ability to build trusted teams in the virtual world means bringing the agency of space into virtial conversations. We naturally use space to divide up our conversations and choose who we want to invest our time in. It's in this investment that trust, relationships and ideas grow.


In iSee, the use of 3D virtual worlds and spatial video means that virtual space works just like the real world. iSee can replicate the unstructured and highly social environments of the office tea room, conference networking session or engaged classroom. These are the places where relationships and new ideas are created and given life.

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